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Delicious Munch

Delicious Munch

Food with personality.

Craft Bevvy

Craft Bevvy

Beers, Indian Wines, Craft Kombucha on tap, Whole leaf teas.

Idiosyncratic Spaces

Idiosyncratic Spaces

Vibrant colorful and energetic spaces

Au Naturel

Au Naturel

All-natural, real whole food, and spice.

Flavour   is   Everything!

Our Menu
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Small Plates

Meet Our Tapas Style Small Plates

Small plates that pack a gigantic flavor punch. Great sharing plates; our chefs have done their homework and brought some absolute belters to the table. From the addictive Chicken 65 to Kerala Lamb Pepper Fry to Darjeeling Chicken Momos.

Meet Our


Meet Our Grills that Thrill

Old Delhi, Old Lucknow, Old Hyderabad have one thing in common – amazing grills, kebab stalls and some amazing BBQ.
Our grills are inspired by the butchers and grill masters from these ancient walled cities
Each come with a side salad, small blowl of tarka daal and either naan, roti or masala chips!

Meet Our

Famous Thali

Meet Our Famous Thalis

Served on a multi-compartment plate for an individual.

Thali is a perfectly balanced meal which satisfies all the senses with flavour, texture, aromatics and visuals and covers all the basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent. Everything which is good for your body and mind is served up on your Chai Thali plate.

Meet Our

Curry Bowls

Meet Our Chaitastic Curry Bowls

Love Curry. Share Curry.

We have brought some absolute classics to the table from the Great British Chicken Tikka Masala to Goan Vindaloo to some amazing Vegan dishes. Get a load of curries on the table, get some bread, get some rice. Sit back and enjoy the flavor ride.

Meet Our


Meet Our Brilliant Biriyani

A traditional rice dish that is slow-cooked with tomato, onion, fresh mint, coriander, yogurt, lime, garam masala with aged Basmati rice cooked together to ensure all the flavours are locked in.

Served with cool raita, diced onion and cucumber

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Meet Our Vegan

Our biggest selection of great vegan dishes now on our menu. From the spicy Soya Chilli to Kadai Baigan to a fantastic Jackfruit Curry; we have some exciting vegan dishes that will get you coming back for more.

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our Story

Chai Street’s food is exciting, fresh, wholesome and nutritious; homely Indian inspired recipes crafted through ideas that have its roots in ancient wisdom accumulated through thousands of years.

No boring fare here.  Exciting, bursting with flavour food & drink that you will love & food that will love you back!

Mint & Mustard launched
Chai Street was born
Finding our feet in Canton
Chai Street on the High Street
Chai Street in Wellfield
Mint & Mustard was where the founders – Ajit & Latheesh started their journey as restauranters.
Chai Street was created to bring new types of apporachable dishes in a relaxed format.
Our Canton branch brought some really cool Indian street food into Cardiff.
Our High Street branch is launched – bringing us closer to the action in the heart of Cardiff.
Our presence in Wellfield brings us into the most relaxed part of Cardiff.

  • A great selection of beers, craft Kombucha on Tap, guest brews, wine, cocktails.
  • A full menu of small plates, curry bowls, grills, thalis and specials
  • Special seasonal dishes, good selection of vegan dishes
  • Takeaway and delivery service is being planned from all locations.
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Cosy creative spaces

Cosy creative spaces

Our restaurants are small and cozy.  These are designed to give you space whilst having the warmth and communal feel of a neighbouthood cafe. Our visual style is a kind of Mumbai meets Tokyo type of sensibility with the bold colors of Bollywood...

All day dining.

All day dining.

We are not your regular Indian restaurant, not your regular street food place we are all of that and something more.  For starters, we have a wide menu to cater to changing requirements across day parts. Morning : Teas | Coffees | Bars &...

Opening Times

Canton:  153 Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff CF119AH | Monday to Saturday 12.00 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 23.00, Sunday 12 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 22.00

City Centre:  15 High Street, Cardiff CF10 1AX | Monday to Saturday 12.00 to 23.00, Sunday 12.00 to 22.00

Roath35 Wellfield Road, Cardiff CF24 3PA  | Tuesday to Saturday 12.oo to 23.oo, Sunday 12.00 to 22.oo

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