The Real Chai Street!


When we open any new Chai Street we do so because we have been encouraged by demand from loyal customers who have taken our food and our authenticity to their hearts.  When we launch a new Chai Street outlet we share our happiness of the occasion with our customers and we strive to meet expectations, as a leading independent chain providing an authentic Indian street food experience. Unfortunately we have discovered that another business has taken our name and is attempting to open an outlet outside of Cardiff.

Like many of our Chai Street fans we only discovered this on social media and so misinformation about Chai Street is being shared. We hope that our customers do not confuse this imitation of Chai Street with the real thing and we are taking steps to resolve the issue with the company who is using our name. Chai Street brings a taste of the Malabar coast and the natural flavours of fresh coconut oil and spices of Kerala – this is the real Chai Street and you will only at the moment experience the real Chai Street in Cardiff.

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