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Tossed Cocktail Idli Chaat {VEG}
Steamed rice & lentil savoury cake, chopped & tossed in spicy sauce & gunpowder seasoning.

Veggie Samosa {VEG}
A true classic – crisp pastry with a warm potato & veggie filling. s/w mango chutney.

Chicken 65{KETO}
Spicy and juicy chicken chunks tossed in an exciting spicy sauce.

Chicken Affair With Clay Oven{KETO}
Deep flavours, chicken marinated in traditional spices & yoghurt cooked in tandoor oven. s/w mint sauce.

Fish Amritsari
Marinated fish in a gram flour coating–with a lovely hint of carom seeds.

Earthy Malabar Peppery Lamb {KETO}
Tender lamb slow cooked in a mélange of exotic whole spices. Rich & Robust.

Keralan Prawns
Prawns pan cooked in savory, tangy, onion and tomato base with peppers and coriander.

Crunchy Onion Bhajee {VEG}
Caramelised onion bhajee with sweetness of fennel and crunchy water chestnut.

Spiced Potato Fritters {VEG}
Potato with crispy exterior and soft inside, delicately spiced.

Tangy & Zingy Potato & Peanut Chaat {VEG}
A street classic – potatoes, boiled & sautéed in a tamarind spice sauce. Contains peanuts.


Vibrant & full of flavour, these street food classics hit the spot every time!
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Aromatic Minced Lamb With Soft Roll (Pav) or Bhatura.
Lamb mince slow cooked with exotic ground spices to deepen the flavours. s/w buttered Indian bread roll (Pav) OR puffed & fluffy deep-fried leavened bread (Bhatura).

Chickpea Curry With Bhatura {GFG} {VEG}
thick scrumptious chick pea curry s/w fried bread from the same region. a match made in heaven.

Indian Street Style Scrambled Eggs With Soft Roll (Pav)
A mumbai original –scrambled eggs in onion, garlic, ginger and indian spices. s/w buttered indian style buns.

Aloo Tikki Chickpea Chaat {VEG}
Crushed potato, rolled spices, served on a base of spiced chickpeas finished with a mix of exciting sauces & chaat seasonings.

Samosa Ragda Chaat {VEG}
Fresh crushed samosa on a bed of curried chickpea, finished with chopped onion and coriander & chaat seasonings.


Classic sides. Bits of little extras that go a long way.
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  • Thoran {GFG}
  • Daal {GFG} {LGI}
  • Chips
  • Banana Chips
  • Spicy Peanuts
  • Chickpea-curry {GFG}
  • Raita {GFG}
  • Popadums With 3 Types Of Chutneys
  • Bread/Roti /Naan/Pao/Rice/Pilaf Rice
  • Mix Salad With Dressing
  • Potato Dish Of The Day
  • Probiotic Curd Rice {GFG}


Aged basmati rice, slow cooked with select fresh herbs and whole spices that lock in those delicate aromatics. Served with a creamy yoghurt raita.

  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Vegetable


The Thali is a perfectly balanced meal that satisfies all the senses (flavour, texture, aromatics, and visuals) and covers all the basic tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent).

Everything that is good for you, your body & mind is on your Thali (plate) – you don’t have to move an inch- all served by a smiling waiter at your table. The Chai St Thali means no more worrying about nutritional supplements, diets, recommended daily allowances. We’ve got you covered!

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  • Meat Thali from £8.95
  • Fish Thali from £8.95