What’s in our Thalis? Check the weather forecast


Like the British weather, we don’t like to be predictable at Chai St – but unlike the weather, we always want to make you feel bright and sunny.

That’s why when our chef plans out our Thalis every day, the first thing he does is check outside. When you are hot and bothered in the sun, the curries in our Thalis are refreshingly mild and tangy. And when its chilly, we add a bit more.. chilli and make it a warming, comforting, spicy treat.

Thalis are the ultimate Indian street snack – a mix of little dishes of curry, pickle, daal, rice and bread. Rather than stick to a set recipe, we make our Thalis fresh every day using seasonal ingredients and even tweaking the recipe to suit the temperature outside.

Its this attention to detail that makes Chai St Indian street food stand out. We put a lot of care into the ingredients we use and the preparation of our food, so you always get fresh and delicious dishes – whatever the weather.


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