Food That Loves You Too!

When Britons contemplate healthy eating, going out for “an Indian” perhaps isn’t at the forefront of their minds.  But it should be: Particularly, when the restaurant in question is owned by two doctors!  Doctors Ajit & Latheesh, both full-time doctors, childhood friends and passionate foodies are the driving force behind Chai Street.

In Chai Street, the focus is on informal café-restaurant dining and India’s traditional street foods, but the doctors’ concern for dietary health is still at the forefront. Chai Street is the point where pleasure, health, tradition and science intersect.

Chai Street’s food is exciting, fresh, wholesome and nutritious; homely Indian inspired recipes crafted through ideas that have its roots in ancient wisdom accumulated through thousands of years.

No boring fare here.  Exciting, bursting with flavour food & drink that you will love & food that will love you back!